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Arna Rox and The Truckstops are an original blues band from Melbourne, Australia, led by fierce front woman Arna Rox.
Famous for her high energy, unpolished, unapologetic stage presence, Rox commands the space with her equally raw husky vocals.  Rox is a force to be reckoned with. Having spent the past 6 years as lead singer of international rock band Trainwreck Trio, she now brings her wine soaked, tobacco fuelled vocals to the genre she was made for, the blues.  Here is a woman who has clearly lived, writing songs about what has shaped her.
Enter The Truckstops, where co-writers and collaborators Chris Canning (harp/sax) and Steve Basenfelder (guitar) support Rox’s explosive vocals with an honest, earthy sound.  Adding a touch of playfulness and visual comedy on stage The Truckstops move seamlessly from classic smokey blues to swampy swing. 
Arna Rox and The Truckstops powered onto the scene like a freight train with their debut performance at Australia’s Tamworth Country Music Festival in January 2017.  The Truckstops will be recording their debut album in May 2017 and embark on their first European Tour in June. 


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